Prayer Requests

From Wednesday Night (April 2)

  • Leslie- a few unspoken
  • Dr. Pitman (Leslie)
  • Mollie- asthma flaring up a lot
  • Mary (Brenda’s sister)- stint in kidney
  • Kim (Brenda’s daughter)- blood pressure still not regulated; sell something; neighbor
  • Dorcie- taken off his blood pressure medicine: eye problems, etc.
  • Gene (Steve D’s dad)- stroke; admitted to hospital Tuesday night
  • Landon- pneumonia: antibiotics
  • Shawn, Jr.- tonsillectomy
  • Nicholas- arm
  • Robert (Barb’s bro.)- waiting for test results
  • Laura- pregnancy
  • Emma (Laura)- 3-year-old with two brain tumors; has yet to be determined if they are cancerous
  • Harry- waiting for test results; skin cancer spots removed soon
  • Kristin & Tommy- waiting for test results
  • Hannah- aches and pains
  • Donny (who has visited before)
  • Tyler (Sherry’s nephew)- strep
  • Pam Anderson- eye surgery went well; return May 1
  • Anita Stanton- recovering from first chemo treatment
  • Anchor Baptist Church- couple joined; another couple visiting (hope to join soon)

*Pray every day for the Lord to send someone your way who needs to hear the Gospel!*

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