Prayer Requests

From Wednesday Night (April 9)

  • Paul & Barbara- pray for the whole situation with her son Eric passing away; pray the Lord will work in the situation for His glory and comfort them at this time
  • Nannie- Micheal’s great-grandmother
  • Erika- Steve’s daughter (spiritual)
  • Gina’s cousin- baby due in May; baby has severe heart defect; will do surgery when she gets here
  • Heather’s dad (Nick’s coworker)- cancer; treatment not working
  • Daniel & Caleb- sick
  • Emma- (Laura) little 3 year old from last week; removed two tumors, not cancerous!; mass on the back of her brain had a few cancerous cells and they think it can be completly cleared up with just a couple treatments of chemo or radiation.
  • Eugene W.- (Harry) having open heart surgery
  • Sherry- trying to get sick
  • Tommy- strep throat
  • Donny D.- should be out soon
  • Sherry’s coworker’s son- cyst on brain is ok! 
  • Ally- Hannah’s teacher’s daughter…really sick
  • Coach Sallee- Sarah’s former Bible teacher/PE teacher- just diagnosed inoperable throat cancer
  • Michael G.- our copier man’s son- motorcycle accident; exploratory surgery soon
  • Paul & Wanda Hatcher- our M.O.M.

*Pray every day for the Lord to send someone your way who needs to hear the Gospel!*

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