So our TV has gone “kaphlooey!”  What a time for this to happen…after two weeks in a row of a message on complaining!  But…surprisingly enough, I haven’t complained about it (by the grace of God, of course)!  I am looking at this as a God-given opportunity for my spiritual life to flourish.  [Pray for Janna=*Update 11:06 a.m.: Janna is now in Piper’s Book, The Passion of Jesus Christ, asking me profound questions that are too big for my mind to handle…your prayers have been answered and succeeded!]. 

This morning, instead of watching CNN or the Today Show, I was blessed by John Piper’s T4G message that I’ve been wanting to listen to for two weeks now.  (Listen to it here). 

It’s amazing how much time you will have when you don’t have a TV to watch!  So, let me encourage you to…
no tv

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