Prayer Requests (April 30)

From Wednesday Night (April 30)
Sorry for the vagueness/vaguicity (I like vaguicity the best!) of these.  I had to miss last night for a final exam. 

  • Tim B. (Anita’s son)- heart problems in hospital
  • Mary (Brenda’s sister)- in Markey Cancer Center; a lot of pain
  • Sharon (Cheryl)- exam
  • Sara N. (Barb’s daughter)- health
  • Denise’s grandfather with cancer
  • Kara (Daniel & Laura)- witnessed
  • Harry- arthritis
  • Letcher H. (Harry’s nephew)
  • Sherry’s friend with cancer…worse
  • Trey (Hannah)
  • Hannah- allergies
  • Randy-eye doctor Thursday
  • Bill R. (Cindy)- lung cancer…tumors
  • Charles M. (Charlie)- lung cancer
  • Faith Baptist- Pastor Lakes resigned
  • Main St. Baptist- after the homegoing of Elder Ward
  • Gus
  • Andrew S.
  • Simone
  • A&O Home (especially Odali dealing with change)- the order stands for the kids to be removed
  • Paul & Wanda H.- our missionaries of the month! (This changes today…look for an update later!)

    ****Happy Birthday to our eldest missionary, John A. Hatcher, Wednesday April 30!  He’s 83!!!!****

*Pray every day for the Lord to send someone your way who needs to hear the Gospel!*

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