All Creatures Great and Small (well…kind of small!)

This week, I’ve been getting to spend a lot of time with my favorite niece and nephew, Peanut Marie and Rocco Jack, while their parents are away taking long walks on the beach.  These two little critters, um…well, little is relative…are a joy to be around and I get a kick out of sending pictures of them to their parents.  So, no matter how much of a freak you think I am…I hope you enjoy these few pictures of Miss Peanut Marie and Mr. Rocco Jack having a little fun with their Aunt Sarah.  Ha ha …ahem… ha.  I know at least one person will! 

Reminding you “so whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do…do it all to the glory of God…” even if it is taking care of a friend’s dogs!  (1 Corinthians 10:31)
Rocco gives me kisses.Rocco licks me.
Click here for more pictures.  (coming soon, Brookie, I promise!)

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