Missionary Update: Sheridan and Anita

Hello once again,

I saw the doctor on Friday and he told me the tumor counts are up so we are going to do bone and CET scans again just to be sure they did not miss something on the first scans.  I will have those done on June 17 and then see him again on June 20. 

I had the fourth chemo treatment on Friday.  Thus far, it appears to be a bit easier than number 3, although this Monday – Wednesday will be the real test.  It seems harder to be patient with the treatments.  With the extreme fatigue and lack of desire to do anything, I find boredom sets in quickly.  However, I am listening to my body and resting even when I would certainly rather be doing something else. 

Sheridan has built us a nice deck out back and I am enjoying the fruits of his labor!  The cool mornings and evenings are relaxing. 

Pray with us about the upcoming scans and strength to complete the chemo treatments.  As is stands now, surgery will be around the end of August.  Pray about this also, because some decisions must be made about that also. 

Thank you for your prayers, calls, cards and emails.  It is encouraging to know that SO many people remember us and are praying for us.


Added by Sarah: If you would like to provide a meal, let Sarah know.  If you can only do a dish or two, that would help, too.  Call Sarah if you are interested.  We do meals for them Mondays and Thursdays following her chemo. 

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