Missionary Update: Anita Stanton

Hello Once Again.

I haven’t written since I had surgery because it was hard to use the computer. I am so thankful to say that the surgery went well with the removal of both tumors. I have been doing well at home for two weeks now and have gained good use of the left arm and am seeing much improvement in the right arm.

I just got home from seeing the doctor and having the drains removed. It is sooooooo good to move around without the drains! He says the incisions are healing well and doesn’t anticipate any problems with the rest of the recuperation period. I do not have to see the surgeon again until December as long as there is no problem.

I have an appointment for Sept. 24 to do the simulation for radiation. At that time, they will do a CAT scan of the area to be treated and do all the pre-preparation to begin treatment. I will begin radiation about the end of September and hopefully finish the first week of November.

I want to express my thanks to each of you for your prayers and support through these months of treatment. There is still treatment ahead, but I am beginning to feel that the worse is over. I am most thankful to God for His love and care over me during this time.
Love to all,

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