Missionary Update: The Stantons

Dear Friends,
What a blessing it is to be chosen to serve our Lord in such a beautiful country as Peru, South America! Anita and I miss being in the work there and we are very anxious to be able to return home soon. But first we must be sure the Lord has used the doctors to do all they can do to help cure her of the breast cancer that she is being treated for. As you all know she first went through months of chemo therapy, then she had the operation and now she is being prepared for the radiation treatments. We have had a two week setback on the radiation treatments due to a small spot where the incision has not healed as quickly as it normally would have. Thankfully, the place has healed up and now she is to return to the radiologist on Friday the 10th to prepare her for the treatments that will probably begin on Monday the 13th (her birthday!!). But Anita takes it all in stride and continues to maintain a strong faith in the Lord, knowing that HE is in control.

I have been able to travel some this past month and share with a few churches about the work in Peru. Calvary Baptist church of Richmond, Kentucky; Grace Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio; Chapel Hill Baptist Church of Nicholasville, Kentucky were all very gracious hosts and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to share with them about the work in Peru. I was also blessed to be able to participate in two mission’s conferences recently: The First Baptist Church of Science Hill, Kentucky invited me to speak on the 30th and then I spoke five times at the annual mission conference sponsored jointly by the Lake Road Baptist Church of Clio, Michigan and Grace Baptist Church of Holly, Michigan. I had a wonderful time with them all.

Anita and I were saddened to hear of the passing of Sister Elizabeth Crain. When we heard the news a lot of memories flooded back in our minds of how the Crains helped us when we first arrived in Peru twenty-six yeas ago. They taught us some very valuable lessons about how to survive in Peru during those early years. Sister Crain will be missed by many brothers and sisters in Christ, both here and in Peru.

We thank the Lord for each of you, for your prayers during these difficult months and for your faithful support. We hope to be able to see a many of you as possible before returning to Peru. The way things look now we hope to be able to leave around the end of January or some time in February. We need your prayers.

In HIM by HIS grace,
Sheridan and Anita Stanton

sestantonperu [at] hotmail.com
arstantonperu [at] hotmail.com

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