Directory Mistakes

Last updated Thursday, Feb. 5, 2:03 p.m.
 “Behold, I have acted foolishly, and have made a great mistake.”  -1 Samuel 26:21

Two Sundays ago was the one day of the year where everybody is anticipating the new church directory and can’t wait to get their hands on it. Last Sunday was the one day of the year where church members fight to get the first copy of the church directory (not true, just overly dramatized for…well…no reason). This Sunday is the one day of the year where you all get to critique your church secretary, the scales fall off her eyes, and mistakes are magnified. You’ve had one week with your new church directory and have had the chance to see all its flaws and many of hers. This same week, your church secretary looks over the directory after it is all assembled and sees the many mistakes she’s made. Oh, how it pains her. Especially since FIVE mistakes happened to the same person…a sweet person…a very sweet newlywed person.

I owe the girl dinner…and then some. Denise, I’m sure you’re not the only one in the church directory who has a mistake (maybe the only one with about FIVE, thanks to me!), but I appreciate you telling me. That way I can call you at a number that works and let you know I owe you dinner! J  Poor gal.  It looks like I’m out to get her, but I really do love “Wanita!”

So, if you found a mistake in your church directory, please follow Denise’s example and let me know.

1)Denise’s Cell Phone Number: 619- 0
(this mistake unfortunately occurs in the directory itself and in the phone lists, totaling at least 3 times.)
2)On the birthday/anniversary list: 
       November 1- Charlie & Denise
       June 5 (change it to her married name)
3)Take Harry & Beath’s phone number off the e-mail list (ok…this one just makes me look really dumb!)
4)Wayne’s e-mail address:
—-Scratch “bonedaddy…”
—-Change to
5)Addition: Debbie has a new home phone number.  See me for that.  (You wouldn’t want your home phone on here, would you?!)

(Note: This one will also need to be changed on the e-mail list!)

What  have you found?!  Let your church secretary know at nlbclex [at]

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