Mission Update: The Stantons

May 7, 2009

Dear Friends,

stantonsThe month of April marked twenty-six years completed in Peru for Anita and me and thirty-one years since my being ordained into the ministry. However, the month could best be described as TRAVEL for me and TEACHING for Anita. One weekend I preached a three day meeting in the jungle town of Cayumba on the theme of marriage and family. It was a real blessing with several couples asking for baptism. One of the highlights was learning that Anita’s series of Sunday School books she has written over the years are now being used as textbooks for religious education in some of the public schools in that region. You just never know how the “small things” you do will be used of the Lord one day!

The following weekend I was out in the Central Jungle town of Pucallpa where we lived for seven years. I was asked to help coordinate the organizational services for the Hebron Baptist Mission. The organization service was very well attended with many sister churches being represented. David Olortegui is the pastor/missionary there. I had the joy of pastoring him for several years (he is from Huánuco), conducting his marriage ceremony and ordaining him to the gospel ministry a few years ago. The Lord has blessed his ministry and his hard work. The new church is now officially called “La Iglesia Bautista Monte Horeb” – the Mount Hebron Baptist Church.

I finished out the last weekend in the town of Huariaca, nearly two miles high up in the Andes Mountains. It was a three day evangelistic meeting with one of our Baptist missions and the Lord blessed with two trusting Christ as their Savior and two “cold hearted” church members repenting and asking for the church’s forgiveness.

Anita stays very busy teaching her literacy classes four afternoons each week. So many of the people in this region of Peru cannot read or write; have no math skills and are taken advantage of all the time by unscrupulous merchants. Teaching them is very slow, repetitive work (and sometimes aggravating when they don’t practice at home)! But she is dedicated to this ministry and loves the ones she teaches. It thrills her to see her students get excited over such simple things are learning to read and write their names.

Besides the literacy classes she also prepares the Sunday School lessons for our church and then teaches the teachers how to teach! This Sunday she has asked me to participate in a skit for the Sunday School children. I get to play the part of Jesus receiving all the little children. I guess having my beard helped me get the role! She continues to feel good physically; she claims she feels better than she has in years. We continue to give our gracious God all the thanks for His healing her of cancer.

We thank the Lord for all of you; for your thoughts and prayers; the cards and letter; your support and encouragement.

Until next month.

In HIM by HIS grace,
Sheridan and Anita Stanton

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