Summing Up Sunday 6.6.2010

Sunday School
Our Sunday School class was a little different today.  We had 11 people total in our youth class, many of which were visitors.  Most of them had never been in church  before and had no clue what “salvation” or “sin” meant or the stories of creation, Adam and Eve, and of Christ dying for us.  Bro. Steve Dawson did an excellent job presenting the Gospel.  Pray that the Lord will use the Word presented in the lesson to pierce hearts throughout the week and lead them to repentance!

Morning Worship: 1 Corinthians 12:20-27
Paul was stressing the unity and diversity of the body, emphasizing the right kind of relationships within the body.  Weaker members are also a necessity.  Every member of New Life Baptist Church is of highest importance.  We should care for every member, no matter who they are.  (We can love in spite of only because of God’s love).  Members are individually equipped and gifted to complement each other. 

Baptism at Thompson Road Baptist Church
We rejoice in the baptisms of Will, Michelle, William V, Micheal, and Olivia today.  It’s always so wonderful to see the Lord’s newest children take that first step of obedience! 

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