About Us
New Life Baptist Church exists to glorify God and edify one another while reaching out to a lost and dying world.  Our body is made up of sinners of all ages and nationalities who have been saved by the grace of God.

Purpose Statement
We gather to worship the Lord, which moves us to bring people to Him and to His church to develop their spiritual maturity while equipping them for ministry as they worship the Lord.
We desire to accomplish the following through our purpose statement: worship, fellowship, discipleship, missions, and ministry.

Pastor Steve preaches expositionally.  He preaches verse by verse.  Currently, we are studying 1 John with Pastor Steve on Sunday morning and Marks of a Healthy Church with our Associate Pastor on Sunday evening.  On Wednesday evenings, we are studying the Book of Psalms.

This blog will serve as a means of communication with continually updated prayer requests, missionary updates, and announcements. It will also contain encouraging verses, devotions, thoughts, and quotes.  Every Monday-Friday, a “Scripture at Sunrise” post serves a snippet of Scripture to help your day get started with the right focus using the following general pattern:
Monday | Summing up Sunday: a brief recap from Sunday’s messages
Tuesday | Entry from Faith’s Checkbook written by Charles H. Spurgeon
Wednesday | Quote from a book, author, preacher, etc.
Thursday | Theological Tweet of the Day: thought-provoking statements in 140 characters or less
Friday | Story Behind the Song: The stories behind the songs we sing.  Learn about who wrote them and what the Lord was doing in their life at the time the song was written.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. We think this is great! Thank you for keeping us all informed I know it takes up a lot of your time.

    In Him
    Pam and Randy

  2. It’s my pleasure, Randy & Pam! Thanks for the encouraging words and for exemplifying Ephesians 4:29.

    Lots of Love in Christ,
    Psalm 19:14

  3. Sarah, I love the 34 reasons why I love my dad!!! it made me cry…lol…..You are a blessing to him and to us. Give bro. steve a big hug for his belated happy birthday from the Stone’s…..Thanks again sarah.

  4. Sarah,

    I appreciate this so much! This is such an organized and convenient way for information and inspiration!
    Pastor Steve suprised me tonight, I really thought he would have to “stretch” it far to gain something from Exodus 21. I agree, the “ear ” thing was a point I have never thought about.

  5. Thank each and every one that has prayed for me and the support. thank u so much my god bring us closer

  6. I’m new here at this church but my wife and I we really love all the people here. They make us fill so good with the love that they have for us every time we are there. David & Shirley

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