Harold Bratcher {Brazil}

Harold Bratcher
Harold & Marie BratcherHarold Bratcher has served the Lord in the Amazon Valley since July 15, 1959. His dear wife Marie, faithfully served with him for 52 years until her death in February 2011.

The Bratchers organized over 20 Baptist churches and many other missions in the Amazon Valley. Harold has pastored three churches and has traveled extensively up and down the Amazon to mission points. He pastored the 24th of December Baptist Church for 30 years and under his leadership, the congregation grew from 40 members to 250. In 1999, he accepted the pastorate of the 24th of March Baptist Church(named in honor of his birthday), where he still continues to serve.

Bro. Bratcher with fellow pastors at a celebration.

Harold was born in Louisville, Kentucky and Marie was born in Richmond, Kentucky. Harold graduated from Georgetown College in 1950 and was a classmate of John Hatcher. Marie met Harold when he preached at the church she attended, Newby Baptist Church.  They married in 1954.

They were blessed with three sons: Dr. Asa Mark Bratcher, Pastor Stephen M. Bratcher, and Joel Bratcher, who drowned in the Amazon River at the age of 6. Marie is buried next to her son Joel in the St. John the Baptist Cemetery of Manaus Brazil. Missionary E.A. Nelson, “The Apostle of the Amazon,” is buried close by as well.

[Read more about the history of their work in Brazil.]

Contact Info:
Rua Francisco Jose Furtado No. 2
Bairro de Sao Francisco
69.079-200 Manaus, Amazonas
Brasil, S.A.

2 Comments to “Harold Bratcher {Brazil}”

  1. Pr. Haroldo tem sido uma benção para nossas vidas. Louvamos a Deus pela vida do seu servo.

    Pr. Vanderlei Costa ( Codajás- Amazonas)

  2. Brother Bratcher, I pray this finds you in good health. I am the daughter of Leona Barnes and I have very fond memories of hearing you preach when I was a child. I am very sorry to hear of your loss and I pray that God has filled your heart with warm loving memories and dried every tear. Should you come to Florida again, I sincerely hope I receive the blessing of hearing you preach again.
    Teena (Barnes) Preble

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