John & Alta Hatcher {Brazil}

John and Alta Hatcher have served the Lord in Brazil since 1955, planting over 70 churches that are still in existence. Their latest work is in Assaí, Paraná, where they have just received approval from the neighbors on the four sides of their lot and from City Hall to build.

Bro. Hatcher (circa 1960) preaching at Chapada Baptist Church in Manaus, which is now pastored by his son David.

In March 2011, a new church was founded in the city of Iguaco, which is in the western part of their state (Parana). There is also a mission point out of this church. The church in Urai is thriving under Pastor Marcio who also holds services in Rancho Alegre. They also have mission points in Sussumo and a village called Duzentos. The seminary in the Cornelio Procopio Area is going well and the church there has congregations in two cities. God has raised up a group of faithful men there!

John was raised at First Baptist Church of Alexandria in Kentucky, where he was saved at the age of 9. He and Alta have been married 64 years. Together, they raised 5 godly children while serving Brazil: Lynn (who is now in Heaven), Paul (who serves in Manaus, Brazil), John Mark (who serves in France), David (who serves in Manaus, Brazil), and Kathy (who serves in Garça, Brazil).

Alta Hatcher with four of her five children in Brazil. (Circa 1960)

Contact Info:
Caixa Postal 112
86280-000 Urai, PR
Brasil, South America

One Comment to “John & Alta Hatcher {Brazil}”

  1. While reading my neice and nephews blog, I saw yours and was so excited to see yours and to read it. How wonderful that you are still doing God’s work in Brazil. My youngest son is 38 years old and you, Mrs. Hatcher, spoke at the baby shower Grace Baptist Church of Danville, KY gave me when our “surprise to us” baby was born. That wonderful devotion has meant so much to me.
    I have lived in Wheelersburg, OH for 36 years. Two of my children live within 40 minutes of me and the youngest one lives in Lapeer, MI. The Lord has graciously saved them and their spouses. My oldest son, Frank, preaches and is my Sunday School teacher. I am so thankful for that blessing.
    My husband, Frank, went Home to be with his Lord 9 years ago this August. The Lord has truly blessed me, cared for me, and taught me so much during this time. I miss Frank every day, and am thankful that the Lord is doing so much for me and in me. I praise Him. I miss Frank but I am never lonely because I am never alone. He, my Lord, is always with me.
    Once again, I was so pleased to “find” you on line.
    Lee Tate

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