Odali & Kathy Barros {Brazil}

Odali and Kathy Barros have served the Lord in Sao Paulo, Brazil for many years.

Odali is pastoring a new church they started in Garça, the Community Baptist Church. They recently started offering music lessons for the members in their church, something that is very rare in Brazil. They students are able to choose from piano, guitar, bass, drums or voice lessons.

The Barros Family runs “Alpha Omega Family Development,” which provides a home and stability for needy people, many of whom are recovering drug addicts, etc. They wish to offer the following services out of their home in the near future: a public library to promote reading among kids, adult education classes, sports leagues, a jewelry-making class, a health and wellness class, a painting class, a disease prevention class, and dancing, culinary, and crafts classes as well. They also faithfully go into the public schools with Gospel presentations. 

Odali, a native Brazilian, was saved under the ministry of Mike Creiglow. Kathy is the daughter of John and Alta Hatcher and has lived in Brazil her whole life. She was saved at Chapada Baptist Church in Manaus. Odali and Kathy were introduced by Stephen Bratcher, son of Harold Bratcher, another one of our long-time missionaries to Brazil. They have been blessed with 3 grown children, 3 younger children they have adopted, and 8 grandchildren.

You can keep up with them on their blog!

Contact Info:
Caixa Postal 182
17400-000 Garca, SP
Brasil, S.A.

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