Sheridan & Anita Stanton {Peru}

Sheridan and Anita Stanton
Sheridan and Anita Stanton have served the Lord in Peru for 28 years. They currently reside in Huánuco, Peru, where Sheridan pastors the Calvary Baptist Mission. They have recently purchased property for this work and are trying to collect funds to start construction.

Their main ministry is church planting. They have helped establish churches all over Peru. Sheridan also works to train pastors, helping them dig deeper in the Word and instructing them in the ministry. He holds a weekly pastor’s class on Monday nights.

Thirty-five pastors attended a workshop Bro. Sheridan led about using computers in the ministry.

Anita works very hard with the ladies’ ministry and developing children’s material.

Sheridan and Anita were married in 1974 and have been blessed with two children and four grandchildren. They were sent out of Jordan Baptist Church of Sanford, Florida, where Sheridan served five years as pastor.


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