Sammy’s Born Again!

Congratulations to Cecil and Debbie, proud new parents of Sammy (who wouldn’t be proud with a cutie like him)!  And a hearty congratulations to Harry and Beath, Sammy’s grandparents!  :o)  What a beautiful story this little life already has!  We pray that he will be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!  

Cecil, Debbie, Sammie, & Judge PhilpotDebbie & Sammie

Little Maria Meets Her Prince (from Boundless)

When I first woke up this morning, I heard the tragic news of the accident that happened at the Chapman family home.  The first Steven Curtis Chapman song that came to my mind was “Cinderella.” 
When I was reading a million different news articles about it, this blog post by Ted Slater on Boundless Line beautifully captured everything that was running through my mind! 
Please listen to the song here if you have not heard it before. 

Pray that our sovereign God will give the Chapman family, especially their oldest son Caleb, a special peace that passes all understanding and that He will wrap His loving arms around them and heal their hearts.  I cannot imagine what they are going through.  Our prayers are with you, Steven, Mary Beth, Emily, Tanner, Caleb, Julie, Willy Frank, Shaohannah, and Stevey Joy. 

Little Maria Meets Her Prince
by Ted Slater on May 22, 2008 at 8:58 AM

    Oh I will dance with Cinderella
    I don’t wanna miss even one song,
    Cuz all too soon the clock will strike midnight
    And she’ll be gone

And sometimes, for reasons beyond our understanding, she’s gone before the clock strikes midnight.

Last night, as many of you already know, CCM artist Steven Curtis Chapman’s youngest daughter, Maria Sue, left us. Unexpectedly, the Prince tapped her papa on the shoulder and gently whispered, “May I have this dance?”

I can imagine the joy in Maria’s eyes when she at last met her new Partner, when Jesus took her in His arms and spun her around the Ballroom, and as He shows her around the Castle, her new home.

May Maria’s new dancing partner, the Prince of Peace, bring peace to the broken hearts of those who miss dear little Maria. And may we cherish our dances with the ones we love, while they’re still with us.

The Chapman Family (Maria is in SCC\'s lap)
Beautiful MariaThe Chapman Family
Courtesy of Tucker Photography

Prayer Requests (May 21)

Prayer Requests (May 21)

  • Mary (Brenda’s sister)- health complications still
  • Shawn & Kim (Brenda’s daughter & son-in-law)- auctioning house
  • Dorcie- pneumonia, trying to get into Markey Cancer Center
  • Erika & Elijah (Steve D’s twins)- spiritual
  • Nannie (Cheryl’s grandmother-in-law)- not recognizing anyone
  • Mrs. G’s family- her sister Mary passed away
  • Roger- on the road; picking up Joe
  • Charlie (Paul’s bro)- spiritual
  • Mrs. Newbury- Barb witnessed to her Tuesday
  • Barb’s dad and her brother, John
  • Denise’s grandpa- finger amputated the other day
  • Tom- job situation; witnessing opportunities
  • Nick’s parents leave for Guatemala on Monday to pick up his little sister; they’re bringing her back next Thursday! 
  • Sherry & Hannah- sinus infections
  • Sherry’s sister and her mom
  • Tyler (Sherry’s nephew)- tonsils out Tuesday
  • Sherry’s coworker Sherry- hospitalized with brain cancer
  • Those traveling to the New Attitude Conference Saturday-Monday & that their hearts will be thirsty for the truths of God’s Word
  • Pray every day for the Lord to send someone your way who needs to hear the Gospel

Weekly Announcements (May 18-25)

Weekly Announcements

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Men’s Morning Meditations
– All men are invited for a devotion and coffee at the pastor’s home this Tuesday starting at 6:30 a.m. (to around 8:30 a.m.).  Come at your convenience! 
It’s Election Day!  Get out and vote!  (6 a.m.-6 p.m.)
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
7:00 p.m.- We continue our series on evangelism.  The kids class will be held in the back. 
Saturday, May 24, 2008
1:00 p.m.- Those going to the New Attitude Conference will be leaving from church!  Remember to bring your Bible, paper, food, and money!  (a toothbrush would be nice, too!).  Pray for those going: Steve D., Becky, Chris, Kevoy, Kevin, Sarah, & Ashley…that the Lord would give them traveling mercies and thirsty hearts.
Sunday, May 25, 2008
10:00 a.m.- Sunday School (Titus 3)
11:00 a.m.- Sunday Morning Worship (1 Peter 2)
2:00 p.m.- Service at Thomson-Hood Veteran’s Center in Wilmore (see Bro. Wayne)
6:00 p.m.- Sunday Evening Worship (Exodus 17)
*Sunday School Devo: Travis (next week: nobody…leave a comment to claim it!!!!)


*Ushers: Daniel & Steve G. (alternates: Tom & Steve D.)
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
6:30 p.m.- Isaiah 58 Picnic (more details coming soon!)
Sunday, June 8, 2008
Evening Service- Pastor Steve’s brother Mike will be with us and will minister in song. 
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Missionary of the Month
BFM General Fund
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Memory Check!!!!
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Happy Birthday this Week to: Chris on Thursday!
Happy Anniversary this Week to: Ray & Anita on Wednesday!
Congratulations to Chris & Kristin, Class of 2008!
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If you have an announcement you would like to add to the above list, please leave a comment below and I’ll stick it up there!  Thanks!  :o)
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Coming Soon!  Baptism Pictures, Summing Up Sunday, and Monthly Manna from your pastor’s family table!  Stay tuned!  :o)
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“The holier a man becomes, the more he mourns over the unholiness which remains in him.” – Charles Spurgeon

1 Corinthians 10:31

So my previous post, “All Creatures Great and Small” inspired a whole new blog centered around one idea: how to glorify God even in the little things.  I hope this will help you be more aware of the command found in 1 Corinthians 10:31!  Check it out here:

Thanks for just being you!  :o)

Missionary Update: Odali & Kathy Barros

May 14, 2008

Dear friends and prayer partners,

            Hope all is well with each of you.  We are doing pretty good.  For the most part things are still the same.  We still have some kids here. A few more have left this week.  We have heard that the judge gave another 48 hours to remove the rest.  Well, that is easier said than done.  So we just sit here and wait and see what they are going to do.  Actually we are not really just sitting while we wait.  We have already started working.  The first thing that we are doing is working on the kitchen.  We were going to paint the walls in the kitchen above the tiles.  But as I started to check out the cost for paint, I decided that for a little more we could tile the wall all the way up to the ceiling.  We found a good deal and purchased the tile.  Then we just painted the ceiling.  It looks great.  We have half of it done.  Also we changed some of the transparent roofing that is in part of the kitchen.  What was there was old and in really bad shape.  By the end of the week, the kitchen should look like a new place. 

            We have a college group here from Georgetown College this week.  They will be painting some more rooms.  We are really excited about getting everything done.  We want to get a head start just in case the judge says we need to get the improvements done. We have given the engineer the plans of the home so we can get the approval from the fire department.  Once the fire department signs the plans done by the engineer, we will need to start working on the requirements and specifications.  That will probably cost a good amount.  That will include emergency lights, the signs and extinguishers.  Hopefully we won’t have to put in fire hydrants.  As we can, we will also be working on the floors.  Lots of the floor tiles are old and in really bad shape.  We want to color coordinate the bedrooms without using too much money.  Also, we are working on some manuals for the hall parents and workers.  I guess, as I say, you would like to know who the (we’s) are.  Well, we are: me (Kathy), Lizene (our social worker), Luiza (one of our lawyers) and Jennifer Pratt.  We want to take care of things even though the kids are not all here.  We don’t want people to think that we gave up and have quit.  If the place belongs to God, we need to stay on the move.  God is in control if our faith leads us to believe it or not.  Odali is still in Manaus at the home there.  They have had some problems there to.  It sounds to me like the Prosecutor from here got in touch with the one there.  He went to visit the home and started talking about all the problems and needs.  So it really sounds like THE ENEMY is at work.  I just hope that those of us that TRULY BELIEVE IN THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, will get on the ball and stay on track.  May GOD use us the way HE wants and that we will be submissive to HIS voice.  

Here are some pictures of the kitchen that is being worked on.

For the Glory of God

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