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Good News from the Stantons!

Dear Friends,

Today is Sunday, 20th of April.  Anita had her 2nd chemo treatment on Friday.  She is weak and the gases and intestinal problems are back again but NOT near as bad as the first time.   She is doing better this time.  Her sleeping patterns are “off” again, only a few hours at a time.  But this should get better as the week progresses.  Good news is that the Doctor was very pleased with the amount of shrinkage of the tumor on her breast.  He said that the amount of shrinkage she had was not to be expected until the third or fourth chemo treatment!  We rejoice!  Thanks for your love and prayers.

Anita Stanton’s First Chemo Treatment

From Friday, 3/28

Hey everybody,
Anita had her first chemo treatment this morning and did very well. No
sickness. We arrived at the hospital at 8:25AM and left at 1:15PM. She had
a light lunch and so far no sickness, just a little tired (she didn’t sleep
Thursday night!!). Thank you for your prayers, cards, e-mails, and phone
calls. We love you all.


Anita Treatment

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