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Scripture at Sunrise 9.16.2012

Sunday, September 16| Pastor Sugrim Ramesar from Tunapuna, Trinidad, West Indies
Morning Audio: The Wonder of the Incarnation (Matthew 1)
Evening Audio: Forgiven Much (Luke 7:36-50)

Weren’t we blessed to have Bro. Sugrim and his sweet wife Lisa with us yesterday? God was so good to use him to make His Word go forth. May we be faithful to apply these truths to our hearts. You are encouraged to listen to the audio from both sermons, provided in the links above. You received an outline for the morning sermon; the evening sermon is summarized below (but take a listen–there’s no way it could be sufficiently summed up through transcription). 

Evening Sermon | Forgiven Much | Luke 7:36-50

>People can only truly change when they are fully aware of their forgiveness before God.
>People who hurt others are often people who are hurting
>This woman did what she did not to be forgiven, but because she was forgiven. (vs. 47)

1) Response of a forgiven soul
-Her own heart was broken with gratitude, thankfulness, and joy before she ever broke the alabaster bottle.
-What is the correct response to having your sins forgiven? Well, what is your greatest need? Having your sins forgiven. Sin robs God of His proper honor. Sin is disobedience to God, rebellion to Him, lawlessness, and taking what is rightfully His. If sin is downplayed, what Christ did on the cross is also downplayed.
vs. 41-43– The issue wasn’t the one who owed the most, but the one who felt the depth of His love and forgiveness the most.
-She wept, she wiped, she worshiped. Worship is always selfless.
-The gift she bought was expensive. She didn’t just grab anything and run into the presence of Christ. She prepared. When you love someone, you first give them yourself, then everything else follows. When you buy a gift for someone you love, you prepare by trying to think of what they value the most.
-There was one thing on her mind: to show her love for Christ. In spite of all the eyes on her, she persisted in doing what she came to do. Are you persistent in drawing close to Christ?
-The same thrill and excitement demonstrated during the courting period should also be demonstrated when we are drawing close to Christ.

2) Reassurance of that forgiveness
vs. 48– “Forgiven.” Your sins in the past have been forgiven and they remain forgiven. We need to consistently be reminded that forgiveness is final and irrevocable. (If my record is not clean, why try to keep it clean?)
Psalm 32:1/Romans 4– “I will be forgiven because I have been forgiven.” The knowledge David had that God had forgiven him enabled him to repent.
-What happens when you lose your sense of forgiveness? You lose joy, hope, and desire for Christ. You become hypocritical and self-righteous.
Your sins are forgiven. Permanently. “In WHOM we have redemption through HIS blood.” Our sins are sent away, removed, divorced from us.
-He flooded us with grace. He deluged us. He completely covered us with His grace.
-Your sins personally are forgiven presently. Permanently.
Hebrews 9:12– Propitiation: appeased/absorbed God’s wrath. 2 Corinthians 5:21– God tipped over the cup of His righteous anger and wrath over Christ. He shook the cup and emptied every last drop of it onto Him so that there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Who can bring charge against God’s elect?!
-He OBTAINED eternal redemption.

3) Revelation of how forgiveness was obtained
vs. 49-50– You have been delivered and will remain delivered. Live in the light of that reconciliation
-Many lose sight of the cross and become self-righteous, but growth and maturity in faith depend on a constant awareness of His grace. (Galatians; Philippians 3– all is raw human sewage)
-Who/what are you trusting?
Ephesians 2:10– All that has happened is the result of God’s gracious workin’.

If you have been reconciled to God, you should be reconciled to each other. This means that I must be willing to forgive as much as I’ve been forgiven. (Matthew 18)

A truly forgiven person forgives.

What is your appropriate response to this forgiveness?

[And one last little note: this whole event took place in the house of an unsaved man over dinner. Think of how many times Jesus taught over meals. Make that a practice in your own life. Fellowship with one another over food.]