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Mission Update: The Tates

Roger, Julie, Emily, Amy, & Josiah
Roger, Julie, Emily, Amy, & Josiah

Rain, Cold & Lack of Electricity
We are currently in the rainy and cold season. That’s right, the cold season. I know we are only 100 miles north of the equator, but it’s chilly here at 6,000 feet of altitude. Also, it rains everyday through the months of July and August so the roads are a mess and the electricity goes out just about every day for at least a little while. That being said, the rain, cold and lack of electricity isn’t going to stop us. Our goal is still to bring joy in Christ to the Kenyan people.

Right now, however, there is still so much to try and get set up. I’ve been working hard to get a reliable internet connection and I think I have the most reliable setup I’m going to get for at least a little while. At least it keeps us connected to the rest of the world. Julie’s also working hard to get a homeschool schedule set up for the kids. She wants to start homeschooling the kids August 4th. Right now her biggest challenge in this arena is figuring out how to homeschool three of them without any materials or curriculum. You see, she’s having to do this because our container with all of our homeschool material that we spent months collecting while still in the States is currently stuck in Mombasa (coastal city in Kenya). First, it got delayed because the Port Authority was moving towards using a computerized system and things were not going well. Then it was delayed further because of a railway strike. And right now it is being delayed again because of a strike in the office of the Port Authority. Julie’s doing a great job with alternative options, though. The arrival of our container is probably our number one prayer request right now. Please keep this matter before the Lord.

Involvement in ministry is coming along slowly because of all the other things that we’ve needed to do to get set up.  We’ve been in Kenya for almost two months and have moved four times already.  Even though stability is nonexistent right now, we’ve been getting to know church members, I’ve been meeting with the Pastors and even made my first house visit (that was an experience).  In the month of August, I’ll start teaching in the Bible institute and working more with the Pastors, as well as trying to get a week-long Bible club for kids set up with Amos, the young Kenyan man who works with the youth here.  So, the month of August should prove to be exciting and challenging.  Please also pray for our ministry opportunities and that we would reach many, many Kenyans with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Updated Contact Information:
Address: P.O. Box 761
Kitale, Kenya 30200

Rojuta [at] gmail.com