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Missionary Update: The Radfords in Kenya

Dear praying friends,              January 6, 2009

We hope this update finds you each doing well and busy in service for our Lord. It is hard to believe that 2008 has come and gone. May we truly make the best use of the time that God gives us, and be good stewards of the ministry opportunities that God provides. This update will share current ministry opportunities as well as prayer requests.

This past month, we did a lot of praying in regards to the ministries in Kenya. We truly believe that God will lead and guide His people when they seek His direction. Psalm 48:14 says “For this God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide even unto death.”

We thank the Lord that we now have another ministry opportunity in Kitale Main Prison. There is a section of the prison called Annex prison, which currently has around 90 prisoners, but has a capacity for 150. I have previously desired to have a ministry in this section of the prison, but have been waiting on the Lord to show me if this is an avenue to pursue. Psalm 62:5 states “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.” There is currently an opportunity to extend the ministry to this area of the prison where I have previously had no ministry. Please pray for me this month, as this ministry begins. I will be sure to update you often on the progress and needs of this ministry.  Also, I have recently opened an extension of the prison ministry to those prisoners who were in the
training but were released before finishing. Many of the prisoners have asked me to consider an outside prison ministry for those who have been released, and we have now been doing this ministry for a few weeks.  Those who have been attending are faithful in the churches and have a real desire to continue to learn and serve the Lord. Also, the pastor of the church where this ministry is held is very supportive and feels that many of these men have potential for further ministry opportunities as the Lord leads them.

Attached is a photo of myself and a former prisoner whose name I cannot mention for confidentiality reasons. He assisted me in the ministry since 2002 and was recently released. Please pray for each of the prisoners, for the Annex prison opportunity, and the outside prison ministry. Please also pray for them to be encouraged and continue to grow in the Lord.


Finally, the Lord has opened more opportunities for me to be involved in the churches here in Kitale. I have been able to go on church visitation, attend pastoral leadership meetings, and also attend the Bible Institute within the church. I am very thankful for these opportunities within the churches and am asking the Lord for even further opportunities. In closing, please be in prayer for our family and our health. Malaria and other diseases are concerns, but we know the Lord will protect us and keep us safe. God bless you and thank you so much for your interest in the
ministries in Kitale, Kenya.

In Kenya,
Nathan, Carrie, and McKenna Radford  

Contact Information
P.O. Box 4150
Kitale, Kenya              
East Africa 30200             
email:naterad [at] yahoo.com

Mission Update: The Andersons

June 3, 2008
Dear Praying Friends,
Greetings from Kitale, Kenya! We arrived in Kitale on May 5th , and it is so good to be back home. We miss our family very much, and our friends in the U.S., but this is where God has called us, and where our hearts are.
We arrived here in Kitale to find that we had no working phone line, as the line has been stolen for its metal. Our washing machine was broken, our internet connection didn’t work, even when we did finally get the phone lines working, our water heater was broken, and our car was having problems. After about two weeks, we finally were able to get things working so that we could function. This is life in a third world country. 
Our son-in-law, Graig, arrived here before we did with his team of five from the University of Michigan. We came a couple of days later, and were able to help Graig to get into ministry with his team. They were able to visit with the members of our newest church out in the country. They also did a de-worming clinic in a neighborhood not too far from our Imani Baptist Church, and worked with our pastors. They even had the opportunity of ministering in a camp for displaced people who had lost everything in the tribal clashes earlier this year. There were two camps in Kitale for displaced persons. One camp had 2,000 people living in it, and the other one outside of town had 20,000. Now, the government is trying to return these people to their homelands, so the numbers in the camps have greatly reduced.
The power sharing of the new government that formed after the disputed elections seems to be working so far. We have a president and prime minister running the country together and sharing power. However, prices have really increased, and our people are having a hard time even feeding their families. Gasoline is over $7.00 per gallon, and the food prices have doubled, and some have tripled. Wages have not gone up, so it is harder and harder for families to survive. Unemployment is increasing at an alarming rate, as tourism and other industries that function because of people coming from overseas, have dwindled. Times are harder than we have ever seen since we have been in Kenya. However, the hard times help our people to focus on our Lord and His faithfulness to care for His people in times of testing, instead of trusting in temporary things.
 I have had several meetings with our pastors.  One of the pastors had a good idea for ministry. He was interested in seeing if our churches could make a difference in people who are suffering from the later stages of Aids. Pam had training in dealing with people who have AIDS in late 2006, so he asked her if she would teach about AIDS to our church members. She began teaching last week in each of our three churches.  She is teaching our members, and others who may be interested, all about the symptoms of AIDS, and how that they can go into homes, and be a witness by helping to care for these unfortunate people. The response has been very good, and we are excited to see our people want to know more, and want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those suffering from this terrible disease.
I am excited about restarting our Bible Institute with our church leaders, later this month. More are interested in being trained to do the work of our Lord, so I am preparing to start after Roger gets settled, and can help.
We are excited about Roger and Julie Tate and their family arriving to work with us here on June 9th. Lord willing, Pam and I will go into Nairobi to pick them up, and then spend a few days there showing them around. Our plans are to return to Kitale on June 13th, and to help them to get settled into their new lives here. WE are planning a big party for them, and plan to bring the churches together to meet them, and see an evangelistic video in Swahili. We would covet your prayers for us and them, that together, we can accomplish great things for our Lord.
May our Lord richly bless each of you for your prayers for us on this side of God’s world. We are a team together, and whatever is accomplished is because of your prayers and financial support. You are a vital part of the ministry here, and we would love to hear from you. Thanks again so much for bringing our names before God’s throne. We appreciate you and your labors for our Lord there.
Your servants in Kenya,
Mike and Pam
mpanderson [at] africaonline.co.ke

P.S. Please note our E-mail address from Africa Online. We are having problems accessing our Yahoo account.