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Isaiah 58: First Cookout of the Year!

We kicked off our 2010 Isaiah 58 Ministry last night and more than 100 of our neighbors showed up to hear the Gospel, grab a burger, and fellowship with us.  Pastor Steve preached a 5-minute sermon from the book of Hebrews about the grace of God.  Bro. Roger Cruz translated the message into Spanish for all our Latino friends who came out!  After Bro. Randy led us in prayer, our neighbors lined up to grab some grub. 

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Kenny worked the grill along with Denise (Charlie supervised!).  Ethan, Landon, and Joseph made the lemonade with Nikki.  Cheryl, Brenda, Leslie, Mollie, Helen, Ron, Wayne, Jason, Micheal, and Olivia all worked the serving line at one point.  Harry did a lot of the grocery shopping and was serving in every way as usually does.  Roger and Gina served the drinks (la limonada!).  Randy had trash patrol (he could squeeze more trash into one bag than anyone I’ve ever seen)! 

Everyone worked together very well and enjoyed getting to know our neighbors.  Pray that the Lord will water the seeds that were planted and give us courage and boldness to plant even more next time. 

View a clip of some of our members serving our precious neighbors!

Isaiah 58 (September 30, 2008)

We were blessed Tuesday, September 30, 2008, at our Isaiah 58 Ministry. Although we had only about half the people we normally have (it’s getting a little chilly outside now!), there was more interaction between our members and neighbors than there has ever been before. We hope the Lord will grow the seeds that were planted and those that were watered. May he always be glorified through our lives.

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Isaiah 58 Recap (July 1)

This is a highly technological multimedia post about the July 1 Isaiah 58 Picnic/Yard-Free.   A lot came, many heard the Gospel, all were physically fed.

This first video is a recap of Monday’s flier handout and a preview of the picnic. (And for the record, it was 5 loaves and 2 fish…my mind drew blank!)

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This is a slideshow of the actual picnic.

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This last video is a recap of Tuesday’s picnic and yard-free.

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Thanks to those who came to help serve and share the Gospel.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Isaiah 58 Ministry (4.29.08)

The first Isaiah 58 Ministry of the season was successful, though quite chilly (high 30s, low 40s)!  There were probably a little over 100 in attendance (guesstimating is not my specialty).  

First, Pastor Steve welcomed everyone.  Then Wayne presented the Gospel to everyone who was there at 6:30 p.m.  Numbers were handed out to each family so that the “yard-free” would run more smoothly than last year.  Numbers were called and each batch of people had 10 minutes to plunder. 

Hot dogs and sausages were served with a choice of Grippo’s, cheese puffs, baked beans, applesauce and fruit cocktail.  We also had pink lemonade, plain lemonade and water.  

The “Are You a Good Person?” Survey was conducted numerous times.  I have to give the Spirit Award to Hannah…she was asking random adults some tough questions!  :o) 

Pray the seeds planted tonight will take root and blossom.  Pray for the spiritual condition of these people.  Pray that they will come see us! 

For all the pictures taken (sorry some of them are fuzzy!), go here (or scroll down to the last category on the right of this page).   

 Steve welcomes everyone.Ethan-The Next Ray ComfortThe Stuff