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Prayer Requests (from October 1)

Prayer Requests (from Wed., Oct. 1)

  • Mary (Brenda’s sister)- not expected to live through the weekend.  Pray for Mrs. Goodpaster and Brenda, especially.
  • Donnie- vehicle situation (he’s a pro-hitchhiker now!)
  • Laura, Daniel, & Kids- sick
  • Jim C. (Ryan & Sarah’s grandpa)- heart surgery; doing better than expected
  • Sherry- traveling to dad’s this weekend (traveling mercies); congested
  • Roger- traveling to Indiana Thursday
  • Nick- revival at Waddy Baptist Church Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Steve D.- permanent position at hospital on night shift; has to decide whether he wants or not by next week
  • Kathrine C. (Cheryl’s niece in Philippines)- under observation for kidney infection
  • Julie S.’s mom and mother-in-law- both in hospital
  • Tommy- making baby steps!
  • Robert (Barb’s brother)- head shaking
  • Kenny- Doctor Appointment Thursday for weight loss surgery
  • Paul & Barb!  :o)
  • Kim- church in Frankfort helping Eric quit using alcohol; Madison- court date Thursday
  • Helen- health; job changes
  • Ron- ankle
  • Please also be sure to read the update I posted earlier about William
  • Seeds planted at Isaiah 58