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Scripture @ Sunrise 2.9.09

One of those Sundays where my notes don’t do anything justice!  How do you narrow so many good verses into the one that sums up the point that hit me hardest?  I don’t know.  I can’t, but I tried. 

Sunday School
John 19: The Death of Christ
“Behold the man upon the cross, my guilt upon His shoulders, ashamed I hear my mocking voice call out among the scoffers.  It was my sin that held Him there until it was accomplished.  His dying breath has brought me life.  I know that it is finished!!!!” -from “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”

Sunday Morning

“…giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.  He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”  –Colossians 1:12-14

I am thankful I am in Christ, qualified, delivered, transferred, redeemed, justified, and kept for the glory of God

Sunday Evening
“Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands…” -Isaiah 49:16
(This was in reference to the stones worn by the High Priest…in relation to Jesus our High Priest!  You’ll just have to listen to it!)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – –
What a blessing to have the Stantons there for the evening service.  It was their last service in the States before they return to Peru on Thursday after a long, hard year where they have learned to trust God even more.  Oh, the excitement in their faces was priceless!  I wanted to bottle it up (or go with them…you know)! 

Sarah with the Stantons

Missionary Update: The Stantons (Peru)

stantonsJanuary 6, 2009

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year!  Anita and I trust that this past year was a year of blessings for you and we pray that this year will be even more! This letter is being written from Florida where I am speaking at the annual Bible Conference of the Jordan Baptist Church, Pastor George Sledd. It is 80 degrees outside and we have the air conditioning going, what a blessing! Anita is traveling with me and we just came from Elliot, Mississippi. From here we head up to speak at churches in North and South Carolina. We take our time and make sure she gets her rest, but she really does enjoy visiting with all of you. December was a very busy month for me; I had the opportunity to travel in Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, and two churches in Kentucky and give a report of the mission work in Peru. All of the churches have been very gracious in their hospitality and love offerings for which we are very thankful.

One of the high-lights of the month of December was having both our son and daughter and their families with us for a few days. It was the first time we had all been together since the grand kids were born. Anita and I enjoyed so much our time with them. The added bonus was finding out that our daughter-in-law is expecting our third grand-child in June.

But the best news of all was when Anita went to the doctor for her final visit the last week of December and he told her that her tumor marker count was down (even below the accepted normal level). For this great news we are still rejoicing! She does not come back to see him again until September. Sooooo, we are heading back to Peru the 12th of February. Even thought 2008 was a difficult year because of Anita’s cancer treatments we count it a year of blessings for the many life lessons learned and for having our faith strengthened. We thank all of you for your never ceasing prayers and for your generous support during the year. Anita and I are both anxious to return home and get back to the work God has called us to do. May God bless you for your love and concern for the lost souls of Peru.  Until next month.

In HIM by HIS grace,
Sheridan and Anita Stanton

Missionary Update: The Stantons

Dear Friends,

Anita had her last radiation treatment on Tuesday, 5 of December!  She is now healing from the blistering and recuperating from the constant fatigue.  We see the doctors at the end of this month for some final blood work and hopefully dismissal.  We have purchased our tickets to return to Peru for the middle of February.  We are both very anxious to return home.  Please continue to pray for Anita as it will take months in order for her to recuperate her full strength.  Some weekends she is able to travel with me but they usually leave her exhausted and needing to recuperate the following week.  We take things day by day and moment by moment.  Your prayers are still very much appreciated and needed.

During the month of November I had the opportunity to visit churches in Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.  A few of these trips Anita was able to travel with me.  Each church gave us a warm reception and showed great hospitality.  It is always good to see old friends and enjoy the fellowship of our supporting churches.  The Thanksgiving Conference hosted by New Hope Baptist Church of Dearborn Heights, Michigan was a tremendous blessing.  Being able to sit and hear good preaching is such a blessing.  On the mission field I usually preach wherever I go and when in the States I am usually traveling and giving a report each Sunday of the work in Peru.  Conferences are a great opportunity for missionaries to recharge their batteries.  Anita and I are looking forward to two more conferences in Florida during the month of January.   May God bless you for your love and concern for the lost souls of Peru.   Until next month.

In HIM by HIS grace,

Sheridan and Anita Stanton

Missionary Update: The Stantons

November 6, 2008

Dear Friends,
October went by rather quickly for Anita and me. I started the month off preaching in a Missions Conference in Michigan. I spoke five times during the twenty-third annual mission’s conference hosted jointly by the Lake Road Baptist Church of Clio and the Grace Baptist Church of Holly. Chapel Hill Baptist Church of Nicholasville, Kentucky invited me for their services on the Sunday the 12th. The 26th Anita was able to go with me to Ohio and visit the Grace Baptist Church of Fairborn and the Morning Star Baptist Church of Westchester. We thank all of these churches for their gracious hospitality manifested to us.

Anita had another birthday on the 13th and then started her radiation treatments on the 20th. She now has a radiation treatment every Monday through Friday for six weeks. As I write this letter she has completed two and half weeks and has three and half more to go. She seems to be coping with these treatments very well. Her sense of humor has not diminished! The main side effects of the radiation are fatigue and skin irritation in the radiated area. The Lord willing we should be done with the radiation around the end of November. We thank all of you for your continued prayers, letters and cards.

Most of the workers from Peru keep in touch each month and each of them has given a good report. We are still trying to help the new work in Oxapampa with funds to purchase some property where they can build a permanent meeting house. Of the $9000.00 needed we have received $1500.00, leaving us a balance of $7500.00 still to fund. Brother Carlos Gonzales is the pastor of this new work and is doing an outstanding job. If any of you would like to help with this project please mark your donations as Stanton-Oxapampa project. May God bless you for your love and concern for the lost souls of Peru. Until next month.

In HIM by HIS grace,
Sheridan and Anita Stanton

God Answers the Prayers of His People!

Dear Friends and Family,

I had the CT and Bone Scan done yesterday.  All went well, and I also saw the oncology dietitian because I have not been able to regain any appetite after the fourth chemo.  I have been more fatigued this time.  She wants me to consume more protein and calories.  It’s hard because I just have no desire to eat, but I am making a huge effort to do so.  I see the doctor again on Friday and then have my fifth chemo next Tuesday, June 24.

This morning the oncology clinical coordinator called to give me the results of yesterday’s testing.  All was excellent.  Cancer was not found in any other parts of the body.  I had been have abdominal pain this week, but the CT showed that I have diverticulitis and the doctor is ordering the meds necessary for that.  I have not had a case of that for more than 10 years and with the results of the testing, I think that is little to worry about!!!  I am rejoicing in the good report and thank God for His goodness and faithfulness to us.

The report also stated that the tumors are more than 50% smaller than when scanned in March. 

Just wanted to share the good news with you.  We will be traveling to TN this weekend to celebrate the 60th Wedding Anniversary  of Sheridan’s parents.  It will be a good weekend for me since the days just before chemo are my strongest.  It will be nice to spend time with all the family and see everyone again.  Mrs. Stanton is celebrating her 80th birthday this weekend also.

Thanks for your prayers and the many expressions of love and support.  We love you!


Missionary Update: Sheridan and Anita

Hello once again,

I saw the doctor on Friday and he told me the tumor counts are up so we are going to do bone and CET scans again just to be sure they did not miss something on the first scans.  I will have those done on June 17 and then see him again on June 20. 

I had the fourth chemo treatment on Friday.  Thus far, it appears to be a bit easier than number 3, although this Monday – Wednesday will be the real test.  It seems harder to be patient with the treatments.  With the extreme fatigue and lack of desire to do anything, I find boredom sets in quickly.  However, I am listening to my body and resting even when I would certainly rather be doing something else. 

Sheridan has built us a nice deck out back and I am enjoying the fruits of his labor!  The cool mornings and evenings are relaxing. 

Pray with us about the upcoming scans and strength to complete the chemo treatments.  As is stands now, surgery will be around the end of August.  Pray about this also, because some decisions must be made about that also. 

Thank you for your prayers, calls, cards and emails.  It is encouraging to know that SO many people remember us and are praying for us.


Added by Sarah: If you would like to provide a meal, let Sarah know.  If you can only do a dish or two, that would help, too.  Call Sarah if you are interested.  We do meals for them Mondays and Thursdays following her chemo. 

Good News from the Stantons!

Dear Friends,

Today is Sunday, 20th of April.  Anita had her 2nd chemo treatment on Friday.  She is weak and the gases and intestinal problems are back again but NOT near as bad as the first time.   She is doing better this time.  Her sleeping patterns are “off” again, only a few hours at a time.  But this should get better as the week progresses.  Good news is that the Doctor was very pleased with the amount of shrinkage of the tumor on her breast.  He said that the amount of shrinkage she had was not to be expected until the third or fourth chemo treatment!  We rejoice!  Thanks for your love and prayers.

Sheridan & Anita Stanton March Update

April 4, 2008
Dear Friends,
       As many of you can imagine, furlough for Anita and I has taken a different course than that which we had planned.  Usually furlough time for missionaries is a harried and always busy time trying to visit and share the work all of the supporting churches.  I had my plans all ready making appointments, getting directions and filling in the calendar.  But God had bigger plans for us!  In His grace and provision He allowed Anita and I to be in the United States when we discovered that she had breast cancer.   We know that He has allowed this in our lives in order to teach us some new lessons about Him and how to better minister to others; for this is our calling in life! 
     We still hope to be able to visit churches and share of His great love for the Peruvian people that we have come to love so dearly.  But how much visiting we will be able to do will depend upon whether Anita will be feel well enough to travel.  I don’t like to travel without her because it is like giving only a partial presentation of our ministry together in Peru.  However, there may be some week-ends where that will be the only solution.  In most cases I will be able to give only short notice of a possible visit because, so far, we don’t know from one day to the next how she will feel.
     So many of you have sent cards, e-mails, and phone calls that have been of such encouragement to us.  Several have brought meals to the house for which we are very grateful!  We thank all of you for your sincere expressions of love and concern for Anita.  We know that you are praying because we have felt God’s presence in our lives more intensely than ever before.  Thank you for your prayers and please continue to lift us up before the Throne of Grace!  We still have a long road ahead and we really do need your prayers.
     Anita had her first chemo treatment on March the 28th.  The day of chemo and the following day she had no negative signs at all and we thought “wow, this isn’t going to be so bad!”  But then Sunday the 30th came and she was one very sick lady!  Fatigue, nausea, cramps and sleeplessness seem to be the main symptoms so far.  She is so brave, and in the midst of all this she rejoices in the Lord!   We are learning what to expect in the future rounds of chemo.  She will have six chemo treatments in total; each one being three weeks apart.  Please Pray!
     So many of our dear friends in Peru have called and written.  Many of the women consider Anita their “mother in the faith.”  The reports are all good; most of the works have reported a good month for March.  We keep them informed in Spanish as we do our dear friends here in the States in English.  Please feel free to write or call.  We love you all and hope to have the opportunity to see you sometime within the next six months. 
Trusting and resting in HIM,
Sheridan and Anita Stanton

The Stantons