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Scripture at Sunrise 7.12.2010

“Nevertheless, in church I would rather speak five words with my mind in order to instruct others, than ten thousand words in a tongue.”  -1 Corinthians 14:19

-God’s people were gifted with other languages to share the Gospel.
-The gifts God gives to people are to be used to minister to others.
-The Corinthians desired the gifts of tongues because it was the most visible gift.  They wanted tongues more for show rather than for communication. (vs. 9)
-God’s gifts are given to EDIFY, not build yourself up.   They are to edify the body of Christ.  (vs. 5, 7, 12)
-Paul was gifted with language to share the Gospel.  (vs. 18)
-He would rather speak 5 words to people that they could understand rather than a myriad of words they couldn’t.  (vs. 19)

5 words you can share with people
4)Jesus Christ

Scripture at Sunrise 5.17.2010

Sunday School | Colossians 3:12-20 | Bro. Roger Harden
“And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”  -Colossians 3:14
We can’t truly love others until we truly understand how He has loved us. 

Morning Worship | 1 Corinthians 12:4-7 | Pastor Steve Wainright
How the Spirit Works Today
A)In the unbeliever: convicts of sin; convices of righteousness that only comes through Christ; convinces of the judgment to come; grants repentance and faith; quickens/gives life to us; changes our “chooser”  (John 3:7-8)
B)In the believer: seals us (Ephesians 1:13); keeps us by His power, which brings assurance and encouragement; progressively sanctifies us; possesses us (Romans 8:9); gives us liberty, making us free to live to the glory of God (2 Corinthians 3:17); raises us from death (Romans 8:11); leadus us (vs. 14); helps our weakness (vs. 26); intercedes for us; assists us in worshipping God; tunes our hearts to sing God’s grace; directs His churches (Acts 13); brings unity within the body by giving us gifts

Difference between spiritual gifts and talent: The Holy Spirit empowers the person who has the spiritual gift.  In Corinth, they were misusing the gifts, bringing pagan beliefs and practices into the church.  He gives us the faith to exercise the gifts He has given us (Romans 12:3)

vs. 4- gifts=charisma>Greek: “charis”>grace (Gifted by God; all because of His grace)
vs. 5- administration>ministries>Greek: “deacon”>to serve (use gifts to serve others, not for your personal use, meant to share); 1 Peter 4:10-11- He gives the ability to serve; Use the gifts to build up the body of believers (ch. 14:12)
vs. 6- diversities of operations>Greek: “energemata”>energy to carry out gifts God has given us
vs. 7- manifestation>made known to edify when you gather together
vs. 11- Every believer has gifts given by the Spirit.  (severally>Greek: “idios”>you’re the only one like you, unique in God’s sight; use same gifts in different ways=The body is edified and Christ gets the glory!)
*Manifest yoru fits for the encouragement of believers and the glory of God! 

Evening Worship | Numbers 3 | Bro. Jason Estes
I’ve heard nothing but good things about Bro. Jason’s sermon on Numbers 3.  I was at home with my grandmother, so I didn’t get to listen to it.  (I listened to Bro. Sugrim Ramesar’s message on Ephesians 1.)  So…here’s where you come in! INTERACTIVE POST!!!!  Leave a comment with what you learned from his message!