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Scripture at Sunrise 3.8.2017

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” -Psalm 118:24
Sunday is not to be a joyless day of observance, but a joyful day of celebration. -Anthony Vance

This Week’s Sermon Audio:
Wednesday Evening – Unfaithful, Therefore Unfruitful | Ezekiel 15 (Steve Wainright)
Sunday Morning – So Much More | Romans 5:13-17 (Steve Wainright)
Sunday Evening – The Lord’s Day: A New Day | John 5:8-16 (Anthony Vance)

Summing Up Sunday

What a great day in the Lord we had yesterday! 

My Sunday started off with a momentous occasion: I beat my dad to church for the first time ever (so it was only by a few seconds, but it still counts)! 

Steve D. brought an encouraging Sunday School lesson, as always.  It was from 2 Timothy 2.  He mainly focused on the first two verses and discussed different ways to guard the Gospel.  (1. Through strength given through grace.  2. Through delegation.  3. Through suffering.) 

Then my dad preached on “The Priesthood of the Believer,” from 1 Peter 2:5 and 9, emphasizing direct access to God, a privilege indeed!  He also talked about our function as priests: to offer up spiritual sacrifices. 

Nick and Jennie

After that, I went to lunch with all the Sparkseseses, Travis, Nick, and Jennie at Wendy’s before heading to the Thomson-Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore for services there.  There were probably about 20 people in attendance (once again, guesstimation is not my forte).  Bro. Wayne brought an excellent message from 1 Kings 18, showing the power of God. 


Horses on the way back from the Nursing Home

After a few minutes at home and giving a flute lesson, I returned to church for the evening service.  What a wonderful surprise!  The Hatchers were there when I arrived!  Their presence was an extra-special blessing that added a whole new layer of memories to my day. 

The Hatchers

My dad preached from Exodus 16:21 and on.  He emphasized that the Promised Land is resting in Jesus Christ and talked about the importance of the Sabbath.  As if all this was not enough excitement for one day, John and Sarah C. both came forward for baptism!  What a blessing!  They will be baptized along with Hannah on May 18! 

My family and I ended the day with a trip to Bob Evans.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship with the Hatchers, Rileys, Rings, Jennie, and John!  It’s a good thing the service was a tad slow (she was new!)…that gave us more time to talk! 

Me with the Hatchers

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures from Stella’s Baby Shower that was on Saturday… 


Robin in Becky\'s Flowers


Stella\'s Baby Shower