How to make the most of Next…even if you’re not there!

Even if you didn’t get to go to Baltimore this year, you can make the most of the Next Conference from right where you are!

1. Check out the website at  Follow all the action on Twitter and Facebook
2. Pray for those going by name: Steve, Becky, Nikki, Sarah (and those meeting us there in Baltimore: Greg, Margaret, Stefanie and Mrs. Lewis)
3. Listen to the messages after the conference as they’re posted online and discuss them with someone who went when they return.  (While you wait for the new ones, maybe listen to the old ones!)
4. Text someone who is there!

Some specific things to pray for:

  • Traveling mercies…mercy, mercy, mercy! 
  • Their hearts to be refreshed.
  • The cross to be lifted high.
  • The Lord to be glorified.
  • New friendships created.
  • Old friendships strengthened.
  • Hearts to be pierced by the Word.
  • Clear minds of speakers and listeners. 
  • God to be glorified in our speech, the way we eat, in every little thing we do.

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