Prayer Requests 2.4.09


  • Hannah- growing in the Lord; knows what she believes and why she believes it; willing to take a stand and not participate in something for that
  • Wayne- blessed with wisdom in the little things through the ice storm and bad weather; tree missed house and van
  • Brenda- tree barely missed car
  • Paul- thankful for God revealing truth to him!
  • Janna reminded us that even if it’s just one, one is important!

Prayer Requests

  • Debbie- foot recovering; stitches out today; getting bored at home
  • Harry- back to doctor Feb. 16; blood pressure
  • Tom- head cold
  • Steve D.- no blood clot; new procedure soon; dad in E.R. today (ended up going home, nothing serious)
  • Scott (Steve D.’s brother)- 39 years old; lymph nodes in question
  • Robert & Bonnie (Barb’s brother and sis-in-law)- still without power in E-town.  Bonnie fell and hurt arm; dr. tomorrow
  • Lou & Stella- traveling back soon
  • Jennie & daughter Diana- traveling back from Florida Feb. 12
  • Kim’s family, especially her parents after the death of her brother
  • Geneva (Cindy’s mom)
  • Pray for one another’s spiritual health and needs

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